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Boston University students visited Etnetera

International Study Programs enables students and managers from all around the world to gain a first-hand experience in business entrepreneurship in different countries. We are very happy that Etnetera has been involved in this program several times.

After the visit of experienced managers from Singapore, we were pleased to welcome again the students from Boston University, who participated in the program: “Czech entrepreneurship: Success from the ground up.”

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The young participants, ages 19 – 20, are currently enrolled in the Business Honors Program and are the most talented students in their class.

During a five-day visit, they participated in culture and sightseeing activities and also visited several important and respectable Czech companies. Nevertheless, their visit to Etnetera was a bit different than the rest of the companies.

Surely, they got to know the history of company, its philosophy, and its way to freedom. However, we also prepared for them a little warm-up (our well known Etnetera story-telling) and a “marketing” training.

The students enjoyed their time with us. Here are several reviews of the program:

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