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business a tool for load testing and subsequent web site and application optimization which aims at improving relationships between developers and testers. is an affordable tool for performance and load testing of web applications. It enables generating thousands of concurrently connected virtual users, using a distributed mode. At the same time, it offers precise and clear reports without distorting results and features all functions necessary for optimizing a web site or application performance. The main advantage of the SmartMeter tool is it’s easy for the testers and developers to pass a load test between each other throughout the whole development of a web site or application. The tool is built in the Java language and it’s fully compatible with the ApachejMeter tool. On top of that, a basic version, SmartMeter Light, which generates 500 virtual users, is available completely free of charge.

The tool was designed to maximally save time during the whole lifecycle of a load test ‒ there’s no need to configure or set up, in a complicated way, anything. After launching the tool, there are 3 options: start a test, create or edit a scenario, load a scenario. When a test is running, it’s possible to add additional metrics at any moment. Generating a report is just a click away. The report is configurable and enables setting the order of images and their resolution and names ‒ this facilitates, when running the test the next time, comparing the final reports easily. And naturally, the tests can be automated. is designed for testers and developers in order to tune web sites and applications in a team. Therefore, testing is done at the same time on all frontend, backend and database levels. “Optimizing web system performance inevitably involves activities connected with code modifications and setting infrastructure. Developers are those ones who know a given system best and so SmartMeter tries to simplify their work. A test can be created within a few minutes and subsequent re-tests are just a click away. A developer can thus easily create a test on their own and based on an automated test, they can make adjustments and immediately, after a re-test, see the results of their work” explains a Performance Architect and the main creator of SmartMeter, Pavel Lukeš.

The real performance tuning runs deep in infrastructure. can be, without installation and without problems, run there too. Just download, unzip and test.

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