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Etnetera Group Inc. has grown to over a quarter billion CZK in revenues

Etnetera Group (Etnetera Group Inc.) has had a fruitful year with lots of changes. It entered a partnership allied companies Fragile media and AppSatori and created the new spin-offs: Etnetera Activate and Etnetera Vision, freeing itself from activities that do not fit into the direction of the company.

Overall, it strengthened significantly from the original three to six companies. At the turn of the year, the company moved to the beautiful, hundred years old industrial Steam Mills building in Holešovice, where it created the open space called Etneteria.

During this transformational year, Etnetera Group has recorded a slight annual increase in earnings and again exceeded a quarter of billion CZK (fiscal year 2014/2015 ended with a turnover of 275 million, while the previous year ended with 262 million.)
“We have managed to create an environment in which people, teams and entire companies prosper and help each other. We are all together now located in Etnetera, where we successfully implemented our vision of innovative, creative and pleasant environment. We believe that the better times of synergistic effect has come,” described co-founder and board member Václav Bittner. “We are happy for our new start-ups since all of them are at the slight profit and they are ready to grow.”

This unique, highly open and human business culture has its roots in the culture of parent house Etnetera, which, moreover, has been committed to the principles of freedom at work since 2011. Etnetera belongs to the companies with the richest experience in freedom business.
“Keen interest of other companies to join our Group confirms that we are doing something right in the long-term process. Sharing the same values and being able to get along is the most important part for us when working with new companies,“ said Martin Palička, the director of Etnetera Inc., the largest company in the Group.

Nowadays, Etnetera Group offers its clients a comprehensive portfolio of services and technologies for online and digital business. This includes product development and management-of sophisticated Internet applications through advanced analysis of consumer online shopping behaviour, personalization, online campaigns and media purchases to the delivery and administration of Apple and Google technologies.

The biggest progress in the past year was recorded by Etnetera Activate, a consulting and data company. Etnetera Activate builds its added value on advanced data analysis and understanding of the relations between them, whether it is a web analysis or online business consultancy. “Last year we were able to profile more since a creative team Etnetera Vision has left the original company, so we are now fully focused on transformation of clients’ websites into a perfect sales tool,” explained Jiří Štěpán, CEO of Activate Etnetera.

The results of individual companies according to the size of turnover (in millions of CZK):

Etnetera Group is a group of digital and technology companies who share a passion for the online world and open business culture. The Group consists of:

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