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Etnetera Group acquires Motion Media Agency and takes over its activities

Etnetera Group, Inc. acquired Motion Media Ltd. and assumed its portfolio, which includes Staropramen, ČSOB, O2 Czech Republic or Czech Television. The aim of the acquisition is to establish a large creative agency called Etnetera Motion, which would provide a complex services in the field of digital marketing.

Motion Media Agency has been operating since 2008. It stood behind the Czech TV project iVysílaní for smartphones and all digital activities of the Staropramen Brewery portfolio this year.
Jiří Janoušek and Dan Müller commented on the sale of Motion Media Agency: “The Motion meant a lot of fun for us, but it also caused us some troubles, thanks to which we were able to grow up. Now, the time has come to send it to the big world and get a teenage lovers in the form of new junior projects in order to make good use of our experience. We are delighted that our child would be taken care by Etnetera Group, because that would make it into an adult with its own voice and style.”

Etnetera Group has been rather strong in specific online marketing competencies,and is not a new player in this area. The creative part was dealt with by Etnetera Vision, specializing in the design and implementation of online campaigns, video production, e-learning applications and services with a predominance of design and creative. Etnetera Vision has resembled Motion Media in several aspects: focus, structure of services and the size of turnover. Therefore, these companies have therefore decided for a strategic alliance under a single brand.

The newly established digital agency with two dozens of employees will be called Etnetera Motion and will target to exceed the turnover of 30 million CZK. The head of the team will be Václav Peterka, Etnetera Vision managing director. He shared this thoughts on the fusion of the companies: “We share human values and entrepreneurial know-how with Motion Media. Our joint operation and liaison with Etnetera Group would be especially appreciated by our customers, because we can now offer a wider portfolio of services.”
Václav Bittner, a member of Etnetera Group board, also described the advantage of this strategic extension of the Group. “The added value of Etnetera Group consists of full service under one roof provided for our partners. A client inquires Etnetera Motion to supply him with a solution to a brand strategy. The agency proposes a plan for brand communication and specific tools for its implementation, which are the results of collaboration across the Group. Etnetera Inc. is responsible for the development of advanced portals and mobile applications, Etnetera Activate is responsible for data analysis and UX consultancy and Fragile is responsible for media purchase. This model brings the agency an evident competitive advantage.”

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